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Aaron Christian Ponti

Aaron Christian Ponti

Scientific Software Solutions

Publications (17)



  • Meister P., Towbin B. D., Pike B. L., Ponti A. and Gasser S. M. The spatial dynamics of tissue-specific promoters during C. elegans development. Genes & Dev. 24(8):766-782. 2010.
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  • Emmenlauer M., Ronneberger O., Ponti A., Schwarb P., Griffa A., Filippi A., Nitschke R., Driever W., Burkhardt H. XuvTools: Free, Fast and Reliable Stitching of Large 3D Datasets. Journal of microscopy 233(1):42-60. 2009.


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    Ponti A. Approximation of a confocal, diffraction-limited spot of known lateral diameter by a 3D Gaussian (in supplementary data).



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  • Ponti A., Matov A., Adams M., Gupton S., Waterman-Storer C. M., and Danuser G. Periodic Patterns of Actin Turnover in Lamellipodia and Lamellae of Migrating Epithelial Cells Analyzed by Quantitative Fluorescent Speckle Microscopy. Biophys J 89:3456-3469. 2005.


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  • Vallotton P., Ponti A., Waterman-Storer C.M., Salmon E.D., and Danuser G. Recovery, visualization, and analysis of actin and tubulin polymer flow in live cells: A Fluorescent Speckle Microscopy study. Biophys J 85:1289-1306. 2003.
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  • [Monograph] Ponti A. High-resolution analysis of F-actin meshwork kinetics and kinematics using computational Fluorescent Speckle Microscopy, . Diss. ETHZ No. 15286. 2003.
    Advisors: G. Danuser, J. Howard, Y. Barral .


  • Emmerling M., Dauner M., Ponti A., Fiaux J., Hochuli M., Szyperski T., Wüthrich K., Bailey J. E., Sauer U. Metabolic Flux Responses to Pyruvate Kinase Knockout in Escherichia coli. J Bacteriol 184(1):152-164. 2002.