openBIS Importer Toolset (oBIT)


The openBIS Importer Toolset is a set of tools to streamline registration of acquired data and metadata into openBIS and extend openBIS via custom views and apps for working with data.


openBIS is an extensible, open source software framework for constructing user-friendly, scalable and powerful information systems for data and metadata acquired in biological experiments. It enables users to collect, integrate, share, publish data and to connect to data processing pipelines.

The openBIS Importer Toolset is a tightly integrated collection of tools that allows for the semi-automated, semi-unsupervised registration of annotated datasets into openBIS directly from the acquisition stations.


I am currently developing the openBIS Importer Toolset at the Single Cell Unit of the D-BSSE as part of my appointment as a data management engineer.

For more information, please see the official project page.

openBIS Importer Toolset talks and posters

oBIT was presented at various conferences. Here a selection of talks and posters.

openBIS Importer Toolset poster at CytoAsia 2017 [9MB]

 openBIS Importer Toolset talk at the 3rd OpenBIS user Group Meeting (2016) [10MB]

openBIS Importer Toolset talk at the EuBIAS Meeting 2015 [10MB]

openBIS Importer Toolset talk at the OME Meeting 2014 [12MB]

openBIS Importer Toolset poster at the OME Meeting 2013 [18MB]