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Aaron Christian Ponti

Aaron Christian Ponti

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ImarisSelector allows users to selectively activate only the modules needed when starting an Imaris session. This helps reducing the number of concurrent licenses checked out at any given time and thus optimizes the pool of licenses in multi-user environments.


ImarisSelector also features ImarisSelector :: Admin, a companion tool that lets an administrator define which modules the users are allowed to enable/disable with high granularity.

ImarisSelectorAdmin / 1

Moreover, ImarisSelector :: Admin allows a facility administrator to configure a shared workstation once, and have all settings transparently applied for each user who starts Imaris via ImarisSelector.

ImarisSelectorAdmin / 2

Data/texture caches

ImarisSelectorAdmin / 1

Custom tools

ImarisSelector :: Admin must be run once by a local administrator to set up ImarisSelector for all users. ImarisSelector will not be usable until it has been configured!


ImarisSelector has been tested with Imaris 7.5, 7.6, and 7.7.

ImarisSelector does not and will not work with Imaris 8 and newer!

ImarisSelector is a 64 bit-only application. Please let me know if you need a 32 bit build.

Download and Installation

Download  Download ImarisSelector v1.0.1.

ImarisSelector is a Windows application and comes with a standard installer. The installation must be performed by a local administrator.

Note The ImarisSelectorAdmin tool can only be run by an administrator.