Aaron Christian Ponti

Scientific Software Solutions


openBIS Importer Toolset

The openBIS Importer Toolset is a tightly integrated collection of tools that allows for the semi- automated, semi-unsupervised registration of annotated datasets into openBIS directly from the acquisition stations.

Huygens Remote Manager

The Huygens Remote Manager is an open-source, efficient, multi-user web-based interface to the Huygens software by Scientific Volume Imaging for parallel batch deconvolutions.


IceImarisConnector is a simple commodity class that eases communication between Bitplane Imaris and MATLAB or python using the Imaris XT interface.


ImarisSelector allows users to selectively activate only the modules needed when starting an Imaris session. This helps reducing the number of concurrent licenses checked out at any given time and thus optimizes the pool of licenses in multi-user environments.


Current biomedical research increasingly requires imaging large and thick 3D structures at high resolution. To obtain both high resolution and a large field of view (FOV), a combination of multiple recordings ("tiles") is one of the options. Although hardware solutions exist for fast and reproducible acquisition of multiple 3D tiles, generic software solutions are missing to assemble ("stitch") these tiles quickly and accurately. XuvTools implements a framework that achieves fully automated recombination of tiles recorded at arbitrary positions in 2D and 3D space.

MATLAB starter

MATLABStarter is a series of startup functions for MATLAB that dynamically adds MATLAB m files, Java folders and .jar archives in user-defined folders and optionally updates any subversion or git working copies found.


Qu is a MATLAB toolbox for the visualization and analysis of N-dimensional datasets targeted to the field of biomedical imaging. It supports several microscopy image formats and offers a plug-in mechanism and a consistent API for easy extension.


SDLMemory is a very simple memory game written in C++ with the Simple Directmedia Library. It is an old project of mine that was meant to be an example application of the SDL. I keep it around since it was added to quite a few open-source collections and was even ported to AmigaOS4 on the PowerPC architecture by Curtis Holborn for the Aminet network (readme, download). Since end 2009 it is even hosted on softpedia.com.