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Aaron Christian Ponti

Aaron Christian Ponti

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IceImarisConnector is a simple commodity class that eases communication between Bitplane Imaris and  MATLAB or  python using the Imaris XT interface.

It wraps itself around the Ice-based Imaris Application object and provides a series of methods to facilitate several operations while ensuring direct (read-only) access to the Ice object.

In versions of Imaris before Imaris 7.3, the XT interface used COM, a Windows-only technology developed by Microsoft that Bitplane recently replaced to extend support of Imaris XT to the Mac OS X operating system. An original implementation of IceImarisConnector, simply called ImarisConnector extended the COM API instead.

Even though the COM interface is still supported as of Imaris 7.5, it is considered obsolete and might be removed in the future. For this reason, ImarisConnector will not be developed further and it is recommended that you use IceImarisConnector instead.

As of Imaris 7.6.3, ImarisXT also supports python: pIceImarisConnector is the port of IceImarisConnector to python.