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 IceImarisConnector 0.3.3

Download Download it from github Imaris Open or from   github github.

Clone Clone the repository from github github.


When starting Imaris 7.6 from MATLAB on Mac OS X using IceImarisConnector, Imaris crashes because of a version conflict in the dynamic Qt library used by Imaris (4.8) and MATLAB (4.7). Run one of the following scripts (as an administrator) to change the Qt library names and pointers in Imaris and work around the conflict.

Please set the value of the ImarisPath variable at the beginning of the script to point to the Imaris folder to fix. Example:

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Then run the script from a terminal:

user@host:~$ sudo ./

Note Important

  • use the scripts exclusively for the specified Imaris versions!
  • back up Imaris first!

 pIceImarisConnector 0.3.1

Download Download it from github Imaris Open.

Download  Download Windows installer (python 2.7.x 64bit) and sources from github github.

Clone Clone the repository from github github.


pIceImarisConnector requires python 2.7 and Numpy!

 ImarisConnector 0.1.1 (obsolete)

Download  Download from

Subversion svn checkout from (read-only).

Softpedia  ImarisConnector is also listed on