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This is a work in progress. More will follow soon.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the Introduction to ImarisXT and IceImarisConnector course.


Download or clone IceImarisConnector to your computer.

Simple installation

Note Please notice: as of Imaris 7.6.3, the IceImarisApplication root folder must be added to the MATLAB path!

Copy the @IceImarisApplication subfolder to the Imaris XT folder.

In Windows:

C:\Program Files\Bitlane\Imaris 7.x.y\XT\matlab

On Mac OS X:


where 7.x.y represents current Imaris version.

This way, Imaris will find IceImarisConnector when launching XTensions.

Note It is recommended to add the Imaris XT folder to the MATLAB path to make it easier to write and debug XTensions from MATLAB.

More flexible installation

Using MATLABStarter, you can keep IceImarisConnector anywhere you like on your file system. This is particularly useful if you want to keep your git repository intact, or if you want to add IceImarisConnector to your existing MATLAB library and make us of external dependences in your XTensions.

IMARISPATH environment variable

IceImarisConnector is clever enough to find Imaris if Imaris itself is installed in the standard locations.

If more than one Imaris installation is found, IceImarisConnector will pick the latest to work with.

In case you want to use an older Imaris version, or you installed Imaris in a non-standard location, you have to tell IceImarisConnector where to find the desired installation. You can do that by setting the environment variable IMARISPATH to point to the Imaris root folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Bitlane\Imaris 7.5.2).


IceImarisConnector can be used in several ways, but for most users the instantiation of an IceImarisConnector object will be the first action in an XT function:

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function myFancyXTension(aImarisApplicationID)
% myFancyXTension is the next great XT function
% Instantiate an IceImarisConnector object
conn = IceImarisConnector(aImarisApplicationID);
% Rest of the code...

Alternatively, an IceImarisConnector object can be created in MATLAB:

>> conn = IceImarisConnector()
IceImarisConnector: not connected to an Imaris instance yet.

The IceImarisConnector object can now be used to start Imaris:

>> conn.startImaris();

Imaris and MATLAB are now connected through the IceImarisConnector object. The Imaris Application Ice object is a read-only property (member) of the class and can be accessed with the usual dot notation:

>> conn.mImarisApplication
ans =
    67093A5B-72AD-4206-A6B8-D51CDD078634 -t:tcp -h -p 50183

Your XT function can now be started from MATLAB. This is best for debugging:

>> myFancyXTension(conn);

The IceImarisConnector provides a series of methods through a clean API.

See this page for the obsolete ImarisConnector API instead.

  Installation and usage

Will follow soon.