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Note For the API of IceImarisConnector please see here.

API (ImarisConnector)

Note Please mind that ImarisConnector is obsolete! Use IceImarisConnector instead.

Public properties

Read-only reference to the COM.Imaris_Application object

Public methods

ImarisConnector( )
Constructor (more...)
closeImaris( )
This method closes the Imaris instance associated to the ImarisConnector and resets the mImarisApplication property (more...)
getAllSurpassChildren( )
This method returns all children of the surpass scene recursively. Folders (i.e. IDataContainer objects) may be scanned (recursively) but are not returned (more...)
getDataVolume( )
This method returns the data volume quickly while working around the COM bug that prevents calling the ImarisXT mDataSet.GetDataVolume( ) function (more...)
getExtends( )
This method returns the dataset extends (more...)
getImarisVersionAsInteger( )
This method returns the version number of Imaris as integer (more...)
getMatlabDatatype( )
This method returns the datatype of the dataset as a MATLAB type (e.g. one of 'uint8', 'uint16', 'single' ) (more...)
getSizes( )
This method returns the dataset sizes (more...)
getVoxelSizes( )
This method returns the X, Y, and Z voxel sizes of the dataset (more...)
isAlive( )
This method checks whether the (stored) connection to Imaris is still alive (more...)
mapPositionsUnitsToVoxels( )
This method maps voxel coordinates in dataset units to voxel indices (more...)
mapPositionsVoxelsToUnits( )
This method maps voxel indices in dataset units to unit coordinates (more...)
setDataVolume( ) [only in IceImarisConnector]
This method sets the data volume to Imaris (more...)
startImaris( )
This method starts an Imaris instance and stores the ImarisApplication object (more...)
getVersion( ) [static]
This method returns the version of the ImarisConnector library (more...)