pyMINFLUX 0.1.3 released!

We are happy to announce the release and immediate availability of pyMINFLUX 0.1.3! This release adds a series of new (and requested) features and fixes a couple of bugs.

New features

  • Implement z-scaling factor to compensate for refractive index mismatch.
  • Add context menu actions to export any plot as a .png image and at a user-defined DPI.
  • Add global reset button to the main-window wizard and remove the one from the Analyzer.
  • Add quick help for all entries in the Options dialog.
  • Add links to code repository, issues page, and mailing list to the Help menu.
  • Add a few minor UI tweaks.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue with applying a filter in the Time Inspector not updating the Analyzer plots.
  • Fix issue with measurement lines being allowed when the plotted data was not spatial (x, y), and the reported distance would be in nm.
  • Fix inconsistency in the way fluorophore IDs and colors were assigned by the various methods used.