pyMINFLUX 0.4.0 released!

This new release adds compatibility with custom MINFLUX sequences and single-molecule tracking datasets. 


New features

Data compatibility

  • Add support for custom MINFLUX sequences.
  • Add initial support for single-molecule tracking datasets.
  • Update the pyMINFLUX Reader ParaView plugin to read .pmx version 2.0 files.
  • Add macOS M1 build of the pyMINFLUX application.

Analysis and filtering tools

  • Merge Trace Length Viewer tool into the Analyzer.
  • Implement filtering by trace length into the Analyzer.
  • Add per-trace tracking stats to the Trace Stats Viewer (tracking datasets only).
  • Add Histogram Plotter tool.
  • Implement Set range context-menu action in the Time Inspector.


  • Switch to green-magenta color scheme for fluorophore IDs.
  • Add a scale bar to the main data viewer (for XYZ localisations).
  • Display line connecting subsequent localizations within a trace (tracking datasets only).

Performance improvements

  • Dramatically improve the rendering of color-coded localizations.
  • Speed up dataframe-based operations by upgrading to Pandas 2.2.x with PyArrow backend.


  • Fix default axis ranges not being applied to the Analyzer plots when loading new data.
  • Fix (incorrectly) forcing the aspect ratio of the Data Plotter for XYZ localizations.