Huygens Remote Manager 3.10.0 released!

today we released HRM 3.10.0, a fix release that also adds support for Abberior MSR and OBF file formats.New features

  • Add support for MSR and OBF files.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in dbupdate for shared templates.
  • Fix issue with container files in subfolders not having the used subimage in the result file name.
  • Fix issues with subimage previews.
  • Fix for 14-parameter chromatic aberration in user interface.
  • Fix for iteration and quality threshold in user interface.
  • Fix for inconsistent use of start and end time in statistics, now always using database time.
  • Fix destination image name by replacing “:” characters to “_” characters, to prevent successful jobs to be reported as failing.
  • Improve handling of long file names.
  • Fixed the end time shown in the Log tab of the Details results.
  • Allow skipping creation of a Coloc map.
  • Fix reflected XSS in login form by removing obsolete hidden field.

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Have fun with HRM 3.10!

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