pyMINFLUX 0.2.0 released!

The main highlights of pyMINFLUX 0.2.0 are the new FRC Analyzer, a tool that implements Fourier Ring Correlation analysis to track the change of signal resolution over time (thus helping decide when the acquisition can be stopped), and full programmatic access to the pyMINFLUX core library, to make it possible to develop analysis pipelines (i.e., Python scripts or Jupyter Notebooks) that run without the user interface. More information is listed in the changelog below.


New features

  • Calculate additional per-trace statistics and allow exporting all stats to csv file.
  • Add Fourier Ring Correlation tool to follow resolution progression.
  • Allow complete access to the API for command-line/notebook processing:
  • Add menu action to check for application updates.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue with the fluorophore drop-down menu not being refreshed after global reset button is pressed.