pyMINFLUX 0.4.1 released!

This version fixes a few bugs, significantly speeds up several operations, and adds a few new features; notably it adds an option to pool DCR values for all relocalized iterations (weighted by their photon count) to make the color unmixing significantly more robust.

New features

  • Add Importer option to pool DCR values for all relocalized iterations weighted by their photon count.
  • More efficient calculation of tracking-related statistics.
  • Allow exporting all Analyzer plots in one action (issue/13).
  • When exporting plots, default to input dataset folder in the Save dialog (issue/12).
  • Allow measuring distances in the main Plotter along all spatial directions.
  • Implement automatic update check (currently fixed at 1-week interval).
  • Switch to new build mode (Nuitka) for faster application startup and execution.

Bug fixes

  • Fix plug-in incompatibility with ParaView 5.12 (issue/14).
  • Fix issue with fluorophore colors being reassigned at random after unmixing.
  • Only calculate and export tracking statistics for tracking datasets.
  • Do not allow plotting average localization of tracking datasets.
  • Fix issue with application packaging that caused some *.npy files to fail reading (issue/11).

You can download the latest version of pyMINFLUX (0.4.1) from

All other links to documentation, API, issue trackers can be found on the official project page on