pyMINFLUX 0.3.0 released!

Highlights of pyMINFLUX 0.3.0 are the new native file format (that preserves data and settings), new analysis tools, performance and user-experience improvements, and a ParaView reader plug-in!

Get it here!


  • Add native pyMINFLUX file format .pmx.
  • FRC Analysis now runs in parallel over all CPU cores.
  • Add new Trace Statistics Viewer.
  • Add new Trace Length Viewer.
  • Add fluorophore ID reassignment within traces by majority vote.
  • Allow opening files by drag-and-drop onto the Pipeline Toolbar (left panel).
  • Add all analysis tools to the main window’s Analysis menu.
  • Add companion ParaView reader plug-in.
  • Remove 3D Plotter (in favor of using ParaView and the ParaView reader plug-in).

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